Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do you accept each year? Can you provide some statistics on class diversity?

We admit an average of three to five PhD students and 8-10 MAA and MAA/MHP students each year. In recent years the total number of students enrolled in the program averages around 40. Increasingly, our graduate students are diverse in terms race/ethnicity, gender, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical and learning abilities, socioeconomic status, national origin, veteran status, and other areas of difference. However, we acknowledge that women and white students are overrepresented in our graduate student population. We are committed to enrolling more students who identify as members of historically marginalized and excluded communities.

Must I have an undergraduate degree in anthropology in order to be accepted into your graduate program?

While the traditional applicant has taken a major in anthropology, the faculty have made exceptions in the past if they felt they could adequately train somebody in their field of interest. A majority of students arrive directly from undergraduate studies with a solid background in anthropology, but some are already professional anthropologists and others come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

In any case, applicants should be aware that the program assumes a knowledge of the discipline prior to beginning coursework.

I'm confused - Which materials should I send to the Graduate School and which to the Department of Anthropology?

You do not need to send materials to the department, all materials should be submitted electronically unless specifically required in paper form (for example transcripts, which are sent to the Graduate School).

Our Graduate School code is: ANTH

I have a transcript from my institution that is encrypted. What should I do? Should I still upload it to the application?

No, do not upload an encrypted transcript to the application. It will upload as a blank document. The department will not be able to use it for our evaluation. Please print the document out, scan it, then upload a scanned version.

I am living overseas. Do I have a different application deadline to meet?

No. January 4th, 2024 is the only application deadline for the graduate programs. Applications received after January 4th, 2024 will be considered in next year's admissions cycle.

When can I expect to know if I have been admitted?  Do you have an early decision option?

We usually finalize decisions by late February. We do not have an early decision option.

Will I be able to find a job?

Our MAA students have an excellent record of using this degree in work placements. UMD graduates work in international and national organizations, for a variety of sectors, and in a multiplicity of areas of application. Some MAA students go on to study for a PhD either here or at another institution. A list of our recent M.A.A. and M.A.A./M.H.P. graduates and their current positions is available here

Our PhD program began in 2007. Our recent PhD graduates have competitive placements in both academic and non-academic positions. You can find a list of our Ph.D. graduates and their current positions here.