University of Maryland Anthropology majors find meaningful work around the world with a wide range of non-profits, government agencies, businesses, academic and cultural institutions. However, an undergraduate degree in Anthropology  is not designed as vocational training for a specific job title. To find out how to apply their learning,  Anthropology majors are encouraged to talk to faculty, research professional anthropological organizations, take the department career development course, and explore careers with internships.  Career resources are also available through the University Career Center and the Feller Center. 

The Feller Center in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is a co-located hub for academic advising and career planning resources. The Center offers customized career planning resources for BSOS students. Please review their key resources below:


Explore Career Options

  • Career Exploration Guide: ANTH: Includes sample work titles/areas of our recent graduates, career planning information, research, internship, and graduate school resources tailored for anthropology majors!

  • Explore internship & research options: Review previous internship/research sites, tips for locating openings in the anthropology field, plus much more. 


Prepare to Apply