Giving to the Department of Anthropology

We Need Your Support!

While many of our department's day-to-day activities are supported by the University,  there are a number of other programs and opportunities we offer that are unfunded. Examples of these include scholarships, research, and travel funds for our students, additional support to faculty for summer research, and special activities, like conferences and seminars, throughout the year.
We consider these extra opportunities integral to the mission and purpose of our department. In-the-classroom experience is sufficient for some students, however Anthropology majors thrive when presented with additional opportunities to get "out there" and practice what we're teaching them. Our department is well regarded for it's focus on Applied Anthropology and we are always striving to better prepare our undergraduate and graduate students for their futures in, Anthropology or other social research and action fields.
We have a rich assortment of research programs and opportunities and your support will help ensure our students leave Maryland the best they can be. Whether you are an alumni, friend of the department, or just remember your past experience with Anthropology fondly, we encourage you to help support the next generation of Anthropology majors.


To Give to the Department of Anthropology please go to the University's Online Giving Form. Here, we hope you will be able to make a gift (whether $5 or $5,000!) to one of our funds listed below. Once you begin filling out the form you will need to type in the name of the fund to be sure to access it properly.


Anthropology Student Support Fund
This fund will be used to support exceptional Undergraduate students in acheiving their academic and research goals.


Department of Anthropology Gift Fund
Since state funds cannot be used for gifts of sentiment, this fund is set up to help the department in recognition and rememberance of employees and faculty, in good times and in bad.


Anthropology Student Research & Travel Fund
This fund will be used to support exceptional Graduate students conducting research and with travel to and from conferences and other academidally oriented locations.


CuSAG Student Support Fund
This fund has been established to help provide financial support to students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Historical Archives Fund
This fund is used in training Historical Archaeologists at the Graduate level.


If you would prefer to discuss options for giving to the department and the specific needs we have, please the Department of Anthropology at  Thank you.