Event Date and Time

The Practicing Anthropology Student Association Presents:

The 10th Annual Student Conference


Moving Forward: Interdisciplinarity and the Future of Anthropology


Saturday, March 9, 2018

Location to be announced

University of Maryland, College Park



  • What does anthropology as a field look like in our increasingly interconnected future?

  • How can we conduct work that aims to break down silos both within anthropology and between anthropology and other disciplines?

  • How do we account for past anthropologies while continuing to look toward the future? How do those in other disciplines rectify previous iterations of their fields with ongoing and forward-looking research?

  • What methods can other disciplines provide to anthropological research, and vice versa?

Please join us as we explore these questions and more in the hope of expanding our horizons as researchers, scholars, and collaborators. We invite undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology, social sciences, and related fields to contribute to this multidisciplinary student run conference.

The conference features oral presentations and posters focusing on student research, and collaborative workshops exploring fieldwork, interdisciplinarity, methodologies, and professional development.


Abstracts are due by Friday, February 15, 2019. Please limit abstracts to 150 words.

Register and submit abstracts for free at: https://sites.google.com/view/anthroplus2019

Contact us: anthropologyconferenceumd [at] gmail [dot] com


Anthro+ is a conference by graduate students for students in the field of anthropology and related disciplines. Submissions of paper or poster abstracts about original research, ideas and projects are welcome. Submission is not restricted to students of anthropology -- all students doing relevant work in the social sciences and humanities are welcome to submit!

2019 Anthro+