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Smithsonian NMNH

Recovering Voices Ethnographic Film Series

The series meets in the Q?rius theater of NMNH on Friday’s from 2:30-4. Discussions follow the films.

This series draws on the collections of the  National Anthropological Film Collection (NAFC) which forms part of the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives, and is devoted to preserving, documenting, and providing access to anthropological moving image materials. Begun in 1975, the NAFC collections are a unique repository for anthropological films and video that document cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as the history of ethnographic filmmaking and related amateur expeditionary and travel filmmaking in the 20th century. Founded in 1968, Documentary Educational Resources (DER) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "promote thought-provoking documentary film and media for learning about the people and cultures of the world." The NAFC serves as the archival repository for many of the historic films that DER distributes. We are grateful for their partnership.

These screenings are free and open to the public. Following each film will be time for discussion.

March 23: A Balinese Trance Séance (Linda Connor, Patsy Asch & Timothy Asch, 30 min,  1980-81)
Jero on Jero: A Balinese Trance Seance Observed (Connor, Asch & Asch, 30 min,  1980-81)
These two films are an intimate portrait of Jero, a Balinese medium, who speaks with spirits to help her clients. In the first film Jero’s work is examined, and in the second Jero watches and comments on the earlier footage. The second film is an interesting example of film based elicitation and reflexive film-making. These films features the Balinese language.
Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources.  Edited films and outtake film footage is archived in the National Anthropological Film Collection.

balinese trance