Randy Haas

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Randy Haas is an anthropological archaeologist who studies how social and environmental processes affect the emergence and collapse of complex behaviors in human societies. His current research with Dr. Sean Downey explores how ecosystem dynamics generated major population collapses in Neolithic (early agricultural) Europe around 4,000 B.C. Dr. Haas also works in the Andean altiplano of southern Peru where he recently discovered early signatures of complex social organization among Late Archaic Period (5,000-3,000 B.C.) hunter-gatherer sites. His modeling efforts and field research contribute to understanding how food producing economies and hierarchical settlement organization emerged in the Lake Titicaca Basin over 4,000 years ago. Areas of methodological expertise include agent-based modeling, geographic information systems, social network analysis, stone-tool analysis, and archaeological field methods.

Areas of Interest:
  • hunter-gatherer societies; neolithic societies; ecological anthropology; computational methods; quantitative methods; lithic analysis; complex adaptive systems; social network analysis; spatial analysis; South-Central Andes; U.S. Southwest, Europe
  • PhD The University of Arizona
  • MA Northern Arizona University
  • BA Northern Arizona University
  • Randy Haas
Email: wrhaas@umd.edu