Dr. Madeline Brown is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Maryland. Her research focuses on human-environment interactions across a variety of spatial scales, from community-based forest management in China to large landscape conservation in North America. Dr. Brown completed a BA in Anthropology at Brown University and a MA and PhD in Anthropology at Stanford University. 

Dr. Brown’s long-term fieldwork is focused on cooperation and resource access among wild mushroom harvesting communities in southwest China. This work combines ethnography with social network and spatial analysis to understand complex natural resource governance dynamics. She is also currently involved in the NSF-funded Economic Network Dynamics of Wealth Inequality (ENDOW) project, where she contributes research in a Yi community.

In North America, Dr. Brown has ongoing interests in research integrating cultural and natural resources for large landscape conservation planning and management. 

More information is available on Dr. Brown’s website: https://maddiebrown.github.io

Areas of Interest

  • Ethnoecology, common-pool resources, research design and methods, social network analysis, China, large landscape conservation, social-ecological systems

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Brown, Madeline
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