Erve Chambers is a professor emeritus of the Department of of Anthropology at the University of Maryland, College Park. His areas of interest include tourism, urban and regional development, knowledge transfer and utilization, and ethnographic writing. He has conducted field research in Thailand, Mexico, and in several parts of the Unites States. Dr. Chambers' current research and theoretical activities focus on issues related to sustainable tourism development. He also maintains a strong general interest in the ways in which anthropological knowledge influences and is influenced by contemporary cultural discourse. He is an active participant in the Resource Management and Cultural Process track within the Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland. His publications include Native Tours: the Anthropology of Travel and Tourism (1999), Tourism and Culture: An Applied Perspective (1997), Housing, Culture, and Design, with Setha M. Low (1989), and Applied Anthropology: A Practical Guide (1985).

Areas of Interest

  • Tourism and travel; heritage resource studies; applied anthropology; ethnographic writing; SE Asia; US estuarine communities and places
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Erve Chambers
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