Anne Garland is an Applied Researcher in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc., ARIES.
Title: Historical Ecology for Risk Management:Youth Sustainability (HERMYS)
In her work, historical ecology is applied research that focuses on interactions of people and their environments in both time and space to learn the accumulated effects about changes that assist risk reduction. Her mission of research, education and outreach includes 1) bibliographic database of relevant historical resources, 2) examination of the shoreline to provide a time-series baseline 3) simulations of socio-natural cycles of change, 4) interactive mapping and database as a web resource to assist academia, industry, regional government and communities about socio-natural management, 5) integrated team of researchers and businesses to provide mitigation tools for community decisions, and 6) provide eco-heritage opportunities that include research, educational products, age level appropriate  outreaches for community service learning.
Anne garland