Zachary Andrews is an alum of the CHRM program, having received his master's degree in 2022. His master's thesis is titled Dynamic Reflections of Capitalism and Class Identity at the Penns Neck Community: An Analysis of the Persisence of Dutch-American Traditions on Family-Operated Farms at Penns Neck, Mercer County, New Jersey. Andrews examined patterns of consumption, wealth distribution, labor relations, architectural forms, and landscape development to show how traditional values both resisted and conformed to emerging socio-economic pressures.

Following below is an archived profile.

Mr. Andrews received his B.A. in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology at the University of Maryland in 2013.  Since his graduation, Zachary has been a professional terrestrial archaeologist working in Cultural Resources Management.  During this time, he has acquired extensive experience in the oversight and completion of surveys and excavations of historic and precontact archaeological resources throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  As a CRM professional, Mr. Andrews served as a crew chief on many cultural resources studies, including Phase I, II, and III terrestrial excavation, research, prehistoric and historic artifact analysis, and has authorship on multiple archaeological reports.  He also has experience in the monitoring of archaeological sites in historically sensitive areas for various clients.  Mr. Andrews is a proven leader and a personable and accessible mentor providing training and support to junior archaeologists.    

Andrews, Zachary
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