Mr. Haisley is an archaeologist with six years of experience completing cultural resource management and research projects in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The projects include pedestrian survey, testing, mitigation, and monitoring for Tetra Tech, Inc. as a contractor for federal and state agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Forest Service, the Utah State Institutional Trust Lands Administration, the Shoshone and Bannock tribes, and the Ute Mountain Ute tribe. Mr. Haisley has been an archaeologist and cultural resources monitor for numerous complex, large-scale projects including pedestrian survey, artifact analysis, and data recovery and has composed the associated technical reports. He has also been employed in the University of Utah Natural History Museum of Utah’s archaeological collections numerous times as a research assistant, a laboratory technician, and a document conservation technician; during which he managed archaeological research projects, conducted field surveys, oversaw volunteer assistants, processed museum collections, and performed artifact analysis and cataloging. Mr. Haisley graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Anthropology and Archaeological Science and is currently pursuing a M.P.S. in Cultural and Heritage Resource Management from the University of Maryland. He enjoys spending his spare time playing music and hiking, skiing, and biking with his girlfriend and their dog.

Christopher Haisley
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