Liz McCague is a PhD Student at the University of Maryland from Columbia, Maryland. She earned her BA in anthropology with minors in museum studies and African diaspora studies from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2015. Liz was trained in historical archaeology while at St. Mary's, conducting fieldwork in The Gambia, West Africa, Jamaica, and at plantation sites in southern Maryland. Following her undergraduate degree, Liz was employed at James Madison's Montpelier in central Virginia as an archaeologist and crew chief until 2018 where she worked on excavations of domestic slave quarters, smokehouses, trash middens, a kitchen, and an icehouse. Her research interests include public archaeology, plantation landscapes, and multispecies entanglements. Liz's research focuses on equestrian networks and labor practices surrounding the horse industry at James Madison's Montpelier. She enjoys farmers markets, traveling, gardening, and Pokemon Go. 

Research Topics
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