I began working in Cultural and Heritage Resource Management in 2012, following my graduation with a B.A. in Anthropology from Temple University. Based out of Philadelphia, I have worked for several firms on projects throughout the Northeast, in addition to California, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina. Since 2018 I have worked full time with Paleowest as an Associate Archaeologist responsible for leading field crews, coordinating logistics for field mobilizations, assisting in research designs, and assisting with post-fieldwork reporting and lab processing as needed. Being a technology forward firm, I have enjoyed implementing and helping to develop novel ways of integrating new technologies into fieldwork. I have experience supervising field crews on inventory, evaluation, and data recovery projects, utilizing various methodologies including excavation, pedestrian survey, metal detecting, soil column sampling, and photogrammetry. Upon graduation from the University of Maryland, I plan on taking my career into Project Management while working on innovative, inclusive, and collaborative approaches to solving essential problems in CHRM.

Fernando Ramirez-Cotto