Mason Waugh is a student within the Cultural and Heritage Resource Management (CHRM) master’s program. He has been working in Cultural Resource Management in Ohio and surrounding states for over a year now. Naturally loving the outdoors and history he gravitated toward CRM and took his first few jobs as a temporary archaeological field technician. After about 6 months of being basically a full-time field tech between four different companies he was hired full-time and now works for Lawhon & Associates as a Field Archaeologist.

Since he has started in CRM, he has worked with wondrous sites such as working right beside Mound Park, in Portsmouth Ohio, various prehistoric occupation sites, and Joseph Smith's barn in northern Ohio.  In addition to his experience in multiple phase I, II, and III surveys he has already started co-authoring and authoring phase I surveys. He believes this program will broaden his knowledge base of CRM and fulfill his desire in becoming a Principal Investigator.


Waugh, Mason
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