Hilary has spent much of her academic career researching and writing about women in diaspora and frontier contexts, particularly focusing on their agency in third space environments. Her Master’s thesis in Anthropology from Prescott College explored Mvskoke-Creek women’s method of resistance during the Plan for Civilization on the Southeast.  She has worked on several projects that have explored the changing political landscape of the Southeast from the colonial to early Republic era, and how the native communities of that region adapted, resisted and participated, including native participation in the American Revolution. She has worked in museum collections management at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, as well as field work in collecting oral histories, documenting Historic American Landscapes and assisting in the creation of interpretive panels for historic sites. Her interests in CHRM further focus on conflict sites in an interdisciplinary framework, exploring the materiality and meanings of conflict, memorialization, and site interpretation.

Areas of Interest

  • Conflict Archaeology
  • Heritage Landscapes
  • Repatriation
  • Social Movements of Resistance
  • Historic Military Sites
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Community Building


  • Degree Type
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    University of Iowa, Anthropology
  • Degree Type
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    Prescott College, Anthropology
Wehrle, Hilary
hwehrle1 [at] umd.edu