Our recent M.A.A. graduates and their current positions:


Blaze Buck, M.A.A.

Sarah Grady, M.A.A.
Adjunct Faculty, Howard Community College

Kevin McDonald, M.A.A
Emerging Professionals Program, Visitor Experience, Glenstone Museum

Helen Mittmann, M.A.A.
Research Assistant, University of Maryland

Siobhan Summers, M.A.A.
Ph.D. student at the University of Florida

Catherine Tier, M.A.A,


Amber Cohen, M.A.A.
Rural Aquaculture Promotion Agent, U.S. Peace Corps

Emily Dooley, M.A.A.

Sarah Hartge, M.A.A.
Research Analyst at Westat

Sarah Noe, M.A.A.
Ph.D. student at UCLA

Scott Oliver, M.A.A.
Assistant Lab Manager at Veterans Curation Program

Kaelin Rapport, M.A.A.
Ph.D. student at Northwestern

Hannah Vahle, M.A.A.
Journal Manager at PubMed Central


Leslie Crippen, M.A.A.
Archaeologist, US Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Planning and Environmental Center

Katie Geddes, M.A.A.
Sea Grant Fellow at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Umai Habibah, M.A.A.
Administrative Coordinator, Department of Anthropology at UMD

Sarah Janesko, M.A.A.
Laboratory Director at Veterans Curation Program

Magda Mankel, M.A.A.
Ph.D. candidate, Department of Anthropology at UMD

Rebecca Quick, M.A.A.
Grants Manager at International Rescue Committee 


Rebecca Alberda, M.A.A.
Member Services Representative, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids

Victoria Danner, M.A.A.
Project Manager & Co-Principal Investigator WAPA Public Health Research

Yana Demireva, M.A.A.
Professional Assistant, Baltimore County Public Library

Amelia Hood, M.A.A.
Research Program Coordinator, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics

Maya Kearney, M.A.A.
Ph.D. student at American University

Patricia Market, M.A.A.
Ph.D. candidate at Binghamton University

David McMichael, M.A.A.
Grants Manager at Austin Theatre Alliance

Sara Mosher, M.A.A.
Ph.D. student at Southern Methodist University

Janna Napoli, M.A.A.
Field Director, AECOM

Alyssa Nutter, M.A.A.
Assistant Director for Financial Aid Outreach, Johns Hopkins University

Dirk Parham, M.A.A.
Adjunct Faculty, Howard Community College

Megan Springate, M.A.A., Ph.D. (2017)
Interpretation Coordinator, Cultural Resources Office of Interpretation and Education, National Park Service

Madhyatu Taylor, M.A.A.
Executive Director at Beyond the Block, Inc.
Senior Health Care Analyst NCQA

Jordan Tompkins, M.A.A.
Public Health Strategist, Sensis

Camille Westmont, M.A.A., M.H.P.
Ph.D. candidate at UMD


Caitlin Cromer, M.A.A.
Program Lead, PPS-Exempt Cancer Hospitals Quality Reporting Program at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Heidi Fishpaw, M.A.A.
Junior Social Safeguards Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank

Amelia Jamison, M.A.A., M.P.H.
Faculty Assistant at Maryland Center for Health Equity, UMD

Gavin Miculka, M.A.A.
Museum Farm Manger at Kona Historical Society


Kathrina Aben, M.A.A.
Ph.D. student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ennis Barbery, M.A.A.
Assistant Administrator at Maryland Heritage Areas Programs 

Alexander Carson, M.A.A.
Program Analyst at Knight Point Systems, LLC

Kendall Concini, M.A.A.
Director of Student Development, Fusion Academy

Nadine Dangerfield, M.A.A.
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Anthropology, UMD
Adjunct Faculty, Howard Community College

Sarah El-Hattab, M.A.A.

Amanda Pike, M.A.A.
Social Science Analyst, FDA

Eric Ruesch, M.A.A.
Digital Media Coordinator and Agency Marketing Manager and Director of Digital Strategy at Right Idea Media & Creative

Stefan Woehlke, M.A.A.
Ph.D. candidate at UMD


Jennifer Allen, M.A.A.
Snowboard Instructor, Big Sky Resort

Maria Grenchik, M.A.A.
Executive Director at Museum of Chincoteague Island

Tanya Icaza, M.A.A.
Adjunct Faculty, Howard Community College

Daniel Jordan, M.A.A.
Participatory Action Research Facilitator/Researcher at the Institute for Community Research

Elizabeth Pruitt, M.A.A., Ph.D. (2015)
Contractor for the National Park Service, Washington Support Office

Courtney Singleton, M.A.A.
Ph.D. student at Columbia University

Benjamin Skolnik, M.A.A.
Ph.D. candidate at UMD

Elizabeth Van Dolah, M.A.A., Ph.D. (2018)
Postdoctoral Researcher at UMD