Despite many overlapping themes, applied anthropology and historic preservation are very specific in their scope. Yet, as issues related to global heritage grow more complex, there is an increased demand for professionals who can transcend the multiple aspects of preservation and heritage. The new degree program positions students interested in pursuing a career in cultural heritage with a unique and competitive advantage; a comprehensive insight into both tangible heritage, such as architecture, artifacts and natural forms; and the intangible resources of society and culture. The experiential foundation offered by the two programs—including regional and international field studies, excavations and the use of LiDAR technology—offers the practical knowledge needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive and changing global market.

The Applied Anthropology and Historic Preservation dual degree takes full advantage of the diverse coursework offered at the University’s School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and the Department of Anthropology, bringing together expertise in archaeology, vernacular architecture, ethnography, cultural resource management, heritage studies and social/cultural anthropology. The establishment of the dual degree forwards the University’s mission of continued educational development that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, and addresses its commitment to reducing student debt through more affordable degree options.


Individuals interested in applying should contact Jeremy Wells with the Historic Preservation program or nadineyd [at] umd [dot] edu (Nadine Dangerfield) with the Department of Anthropology for the particulars on how to proceed with an application.

Applicants for the dual degree in Applied Anthropology and Historic Preservation should use the following four-letter code on the online application: AAHP