Dr. George Hambrecht and Kevin Gibbons published two new articles. The first article, titled “Archaeological sites as Distributed Long-term Observing Networks of the Past (DONOP)” published in Quaternary International, commends the applicability of archaeological data to extend the understanding of ecological, geomorphological, and biological baselines to other researchers in relevant disciplines.

To read the full article, visit: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.quaint.2018.04.016.

The second article, titled “Whale Bone as Fuel at an Inland Farm in Early Modern Iceland” published in Arctic Anthropology, reports on an unusually high quantity of burnt, fragmented whale bones recovered from our fieldwork at the farm of Gröf, many kilometers inland from Iceland's southern coast. 

To read the full article, visit: http://aa.uwpress.org/content/55/1/63.short.





george and kevin