Rodolfo Tello is an applied anthropologist with extensive experience in the field of international development. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in social sciences, with a concentration in anthropology, he initially worked on topics related to cultural change, environmental conservation, and sustainable development among Indigenous Peoples in the Peruvian rainforest.

After working for several years, he became a Fulbright scholar and in 2007 earned his master's in applied anthropology (MAA) from the University of Maryland, College Park. While in the MAA program, his focus was on natural resource management, working with Dr. Janet Chernela as his academic advisor.

He then went to American University in Washington, DC, where he earned his PhD in anthropology. He also completed a certificate in business administration from Georgetown University, a certificate in leadership from Cornell University, and became certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Shortly after graduating from his PhD, Rodolfo started working as a social specialist for the Inter-American Development Bank, implementing its social safeguard policies across several countries in Latin America. Later, he went on to work as a senior social development specialist at the World Bank.

His work as a social specialist involved managing the social risks and impacts of investment projects in areas such as involuntary displacement and resettlement, social assessments, livelihoods restoration, indigenous peoples, social inclusion, stakeholder engagement, grievance mechanisms, gender equity, universal access, labor conditions, community health and safety, socioeconomic development, inclusive finance, international relations, policy analysis, and project management.

In addition to several articles published, and papers presented at anthropology conferences, Rodolfo is the author of several books on topics like social safeguards, indigenous peoples, and environmental sustainability. These can be accessed at

He is currently based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.




Rodolfo Tello