Andrew Weil, MAA., UMD Anthropology Program class of 2005.

I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Landmarks Association of St. Louis. Landmarks was founded in 1959 to serve as an advocate for the City of St. Louis’ built environment in the midst of major “urban renewal” programs that were decimating the City’s historic neighborhoods. I hold a BA in anthropology from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a minor in Biology. I have also studied at the University of Kansas, the School for Field Studies in the British West Indies, and CPI Spanish Immersion School in Costa Rica. I earned an MA from the University of Maryland, College Park in applied anthropology with an emphasis on historic archaeology. During my time in College Park, I worked with the Historic Annapolis Foundation as well as the National Park Service at Monocacy National Battlefield (both jobs facilitated by UMD). After graduation, I returned to my home town of St. Louis and worked as a Principal Investigator with the Archaeological Research Center of STL., and later went to work for Landmarks Association as a researcher.

In 2011, I was promoted to the position of Executive Director and also was given the status of Lecturer in the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University where I have taught a course in historic preservation for graduate architecture students for nine years. My interests in history and anthropology have led me to travel the world including significant time spent living in Central America and the Caribbean, as well as substantial travel through North Africa, Japan, Micronesia, South America, Canada, Europe, and Sri Lanka. The UMD Anthropology Department served me well in my personal and professional development and I will always be grateful for the support of the faculty and staff.

Weil, Andrew