Dr. Paul Shackel joined the Department of Anthropology in 1996 after working for the National Park Service for 7-½ years. He received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1987.

His extensive work at Harpers Ferry delves into issues of class and labor in this early industrial town. He received a 3-year NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates award that allowed him to partner with other institutions to train undergraduates in archaeology and explore issues of race, class, and ethnicity on the Illinois western frontier. The work focused on the historic town of New Philadelphia, Illinois. The development of civic engagement activities became an important part of this archaeological program.

He is now working with graduate and undergraduate students on the Anthracite Heritage Project, a program that includes oral histories, documentary research, and archaeology in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania. The project initially focused on the 1897 Lattimer Massacre. Now the research program is exploring issues related to immigration in the past as well as the present in the coal patch towns in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The project crew has worked in Lattimer, Pardeesville, and most recently Eckley Miners' Village, focusing on the households of mining families. The project is currently collecting oral histories of the new and long-time residents of the region. Potential graduate students interested in working on the project are encouraged to apply by the January 1 application deadline.

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Dr. Shackel also works on National Park Service projects that provide work and educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. He is interested in what nationally significant sites mean to the American public, and how they help to create and maintain a national identity. Archaeology plays a role in revealing controversial issues of our country’s development, such as labor, racism, and enslavement.

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Areas of Interest

  • Historical archaeology, labor history, civic engagement

Current Students

Former Students

  • Nicholas Vamvakias (MAA 2022)
  • Magda Mankel (PhD 2021)
    Program Organizer - Borderlinks
  • Megan Bailey (PhD. 2018)
    Archaeologist, National Park Service, George Washington Memorial Parkway
  • Megan Springate (Ph.D. 2017)
    Interpretation Coordinator, Cultural Resources Office of Interpretation and Education, NPS
  • Hofman, Courtney (PhD, Anthropology, 2015)
    Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma
  • Furlong, Mary (PhD, Anthropology, 2015)
    Archaeologist, James A. Madison's Montpellier Historic Home
  • Roller, Michael (PhD, Anthropology, 2015)
    Archaeologist, Natl. Register of Historic Places, Natl. Historic Landmarks, National Park Service
  • Martin Seibert, Erika (PhD, American Studies, 2010)
    Federal Preservation Officer, NRCS, US Department of Agriculture
  • LaRoche, Cheryl (PhD. American Studies, 2004)
    Associate Research Professor, Historic Preservation, University of Maryland
  • Katherine Boyle (MAA/MHP, 2018)
    Archaeologist, Chesapeake and Ohio Cannal, National Park Service
  • Maria Grenchick (MAA, 2012)
  • Michael Roller (MAA, 2011)
  • Thomas Forhan (MAA, 2011)
  • Megan Bailey (MAA, 2011)
  • Courtney Hofman (MAA, 2011)
  • Molly Russell (MAA, 2011)
  • Emily Swain (MAA, 2010)
  • Abbie Jackson (MAA, 2009)
  • Charlotte King (MAA, 2008)
  • Jolene Smith (MAA, 2008)
  • Elizabeth Reis (MAA, 2008)
  • Katherine Derr (MAA, 2007)
  • Jarred Leonard (MAA, 2006)
  • Andrew Weil (MAA, 2005)
  • Carrie Christman (MAA, 2005)
  • Meghan McGinnis (MAA, 2003)
  • Brandon Beis (MAA, 2003)
  • Sarah Rivers (MAA, 2002)
  • Justin Patton (MAA, 2001)
  • Heather Hembrey (MAA, 2001)
  • Joy Beasley (MAA, 2001)
  • Kathleen Scanlon (MAA, 2000)
  • Martha Temkim (MAA, 2000)
  • Kathleen Browning (MAA, 1999)
  • Paula Miller (MAA, 1999)
  • Laurie Burgess (MAA 1999)
  • Jennifer Moran (MAA, 1998)
  • Erika Martin (MAA, 1998)

Related Students (Listed by Student on Student's Profile)

  • Kyla Cools
  • Aryn G. N. Schriner
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