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CHRM Program Testimonials: 

"The CHRM program offers a comprehensive set of coursework that includes valuable information for those who wish to continue or pursue their career in CRM. I learned so much about regulation, public interaction, tribal outreach, budgeting, marketing, and gained day to day project management skills. Because I was able to work full time throughout the program, I could immediately apply this knowledge to my job. The program also offers a valuable set of theoretical frameworks that every archaeologist should have. However, the program also gave me the tools I needed to do my own exploration of theory and find my voice within the discipline of archaeology and other related fields. The CRM industry is often one that many archaeologists fall into without having any real base knowledge of how it works or even how it benefits the public. A masters in CHRM can do a lot of good in helping working archaeologists feel more empowered to make decisions for complex projects and see how the work they do affects the greater community."
-- Dean R.


"The program has been about much, much more than just earning the credentials. Each of the classes were clearly carefully designed. They each hit on critical elements of our field. As an employer, I regularly see recent graduates ill-equipped for CRM. They earn their graduate degree but have no clue how to do the job or even why the job must be done. It has become the responsibility of companies like mine to train these individuals on more than just how the company functions, but also on things that should have been covered in their schooling long before applying for a job. This is where the CHRM program at UMD separates itself from other options. This program is preparing individuals who are serious about a career in cultural resources management, giving them a great advantage at professional success in CRM."
-- J. Glass


"I loved this program! It was designed to teach about all the possible areas of CRM and while doing this it became like an interdisciplinary program to many fields! They chose great teachers for each class, and you could tell that they cared about what they were teaching. The Director of the program cares about the students and worked very hard to make sure the program was running smoothly and that we had everything we needed to succeed."
-- S. DeVanie


"The CHRM program at UMD is an excellent option for an advanced degree in Cultural Resources Management archaeology.  From the moment you are accepted, you will be welcomed into a safe, professional atmosphere that is confident, caring, and genuinely created for your success. The latticework of the program is especially beneficial to those who are working full-time (in the office or the field) and managing/balancing work, life, and family obligations. I found the faculty and staff to be integral in maintaining a good work/life balance while pursuing my master's--their undying support, assistance (day or night), and motivation to succeed speaks volumes to the quality of the people involved in this program. In addition to the faculty and staff, my classmates proved to be a great resource for feedback, idea exchange, and additional support. The greatest thing about the CHRM program isn't just the classes, content, assignments, etc. but the connections forged through the journey of higher education. The relationships with these people--now friends and colleagues--are the most important and transformative values I will take away from the program. That said, it is because of the flexibility of the program, the excellent skill of the staff and students, and the camaraderie between everyone involved that I find UMD's CHRM program to be of the highest educational quality--well worth the time and money. The CHRM program WILL open personal and professional doors for you immediately, as it did for me. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!"
-- C. Goodrich

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