Full Time
Name Email Location & Phone
Image of Dr. Brighton: a white man with a gray beard, large glasses, and a gray hat. Brighton, Stephen
Associate Professor & Associate Chair
sbrighto [at] umd.edu 1128 Woods Hall
(301) 405-3700
Brown, Madeline Brown, Madeline
Assistant Professor
mtbrown [at] umd.edu 2101H Woods Hall
Dr. Getrich Getrich, Christina
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
cgetrich [at] umd.edu 2101K Woods Hall
(301) 405-1424
George Hambrecht Hambrecht, George
Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
ghambrec [at] umd.edu 2101N Woods Hall
(301) 405-1002
Lafrenz Samuels Lafrenz Samuels, Kathryn
Associate Professor & Director of CHRM Graduate Program
lafrenzs [at] umd.edu 2101G Woods Hall
(301) 405-1439
Mark Leone Leone, Mark
Distinguished University Professor
mleone [at] umd.edu 1108 Woods Hall
(301) 405-8767
*** López, Andrea M.
Associate Professor
lopez [at] umd.edu 2101J Woods Hall
(301) 405-5462
Matt Palus Palus, Matthew
CHRM Assistant Director and Senior Lecturer
mpalus [at] umd.edu
Photograph of Dr. Pavao-Zuckerman. She is wearing a blue and white polka-dot shirt, and has light-colored skin, chin-length brown hair, and glasses. Pavão-Zuckerman, Barnet
Professor & Chair
bpavao [at] umd.edu 2101C Woods Hall
(301) 405-0697
Richardson, Joseph Richardson, Jr., Joseph
jrichar5 [at] umd.edu 1137 Taliaferro Hall
(301) 405-1163
Paul Shackel Shackel, Paul
pshackel [at] umd.edu 1119 Woods Hall
(301) 405-1422
Shaffer, Jen Shaffer, L. Jen
Associate Professor & Faculty Advisor for ENSP Culture and Environment
lshaffe1 [at] umd.edu 2101P Woods Hall
(301) 405-1441
headshot Thomann, Matthew
Assistant Professor
mthomann [at] umd.edu 2101D Woods Hall
Vilar, Miguel Vilar, Miguel
Assistant Professor
mvilar [at] umd.edu 2101E Woods Hall
Name Email Location & Phone
A. Lynn Bolles Bolles, Augusta Lynn
lbolles [at] umd.edu
Erve Chambers Chambers, Erve
echamber [at] umd.edu
Janet Chernela Chernela, Janet
chernela [at] umd.edu
Judith Freidenberg Freidenberg, Judith
jfreiden [at] umd.edu
Fatimah Jackson Jackson, Fatimah
fatimah [at] umd.edu
Michael Paolisso Paolisso, Michael
mpaoliss [at] umd.edu
Tony Whitehead Whitehead, Tony
twhitehe [at] umd.edu